President’s Message

As always, the summer months have been busy preparing for an exciting 2017-2018 school year. Being voted the 2017 Best of Glendale Award for Charter Schools was a great accomplishment for our community. However, we are not satisfied and continue to research and employ the best practices essential to establishing a lifelong love for learning in our students. With your continued support and trust, our communities will strive to celebrate diversity. We will continue to reiterate high expectations for student performance and behavior in all grades, PreK-12. We will work tirelessly to maintain safe and orderly educational communities where all stakeholders feel safe and secure. We will remain committed to building strong relationships with our students and families because that’s what family does. After all, it is “The Desert Heights Way!”

Finding a school has become such an important endeavor. Not only is it important to find a place that will challenge your child academically, but it is also important that a school aligns with your expectations as parents/guardians. Does the school’s Mission and Vision fit your educational philosophy? Is there a level of transparency and accessibility to all staff? Do students exude an excitement and eagerness to be at school? Is there a consistent application of what we call the 3 Cs: Collaboration, Communication and Common Purpose?

Our goal is to have the answers to these questions be a resounding YES! And as we evaluate very important aspects of our community like Professional Development, research based teaching modalities, cutting edge technology and the calculated distribution of school resources, we believe wholeheartedly that these measures will equate to tremendous learning benefits for our students.

So, thank you in advance for your belief and trust this upcoming school year. The only way to develop students with a worldwide perspective, ones that are both prepared for and enthused about immersing themselves in global engagement is by working together!

As always, it is a GREAT day to be a COYOTE!

Honored to be your President,

Mark A. Jiles, MA.ED.
President of Desert Heights Charter Schools