Our Schools

Desert Heights Preschool (2yrs-5yrs) provides a positive learning environment for your children. We are dedicated to the development of vibrant, socially-responsible individuals, who possess the essential life skills necessary for success. Desert Heights Preschool understands the years leading up to Kindergarten are the child’s most important developmental years. We are committed to working alongside our parents to assure their child receives a quality education, healthcare, and have fun in the process.  Visit our school website for additional program details.

Desert Heights Charter School is a small Kindergarten-4th grade charter elementary school with a comprehensive educational philosophy that emphasizes quality instruction by Highly Qualified Teachers, a safe, orderly learning environment and a very challenging curriculum. Our leadership and staff believe strongly in working collaboratively with parents to promote a positive educational experience for each and every child.  Consequently, Desert Heights has become known in the educational community as a school that “feels like family”.  One of our many assets as a small charter school is our ability to create an environment that is safe, community oriented, and family friendly.  Visit our school website for additional program details.

Desert Heights Preparatory Academy is a 5th-12th grade program that fosters college (and career) readiness with equal focus on academic excellence, social awareness and integrity of character. We build college resumes with competitive athletic programs, fine arts opportunities and clubs such as Honors Societies, Key Clubs, and Student Councils. We backwards map our curriculum with a focus on readiness for Advanced Placement coursework starting the freshman year of high school. The school day is extended to meet a normal work day schedule and opportunity to complete the majority of assignments during instructional periods. Homework is also minimal due to the project based instructional opportunities. Technology is integrated into all curriculum units to prepare students for college and career expectations. High school students are provided iPads and encouraged to use multi-media in their learning and presentation of proficiency.  Visit our school website for additional program details.