About Desert Heights Charter Schools

In collaboration with our community and all other stakeholders, Desert Heights Charter Schools will provide a rigorous, standards based academic environment through a balance of intensive, compassionate teaching. We are dedicated to the development of vibrant, socially-responsible individuals who possess the essential life skills necessary for success.

  • Providing Quality Education in Arizona since 1999
  • High Academic Expectations
  • Project-Based Learning
  • Technology Rich Learning Environment
  • Small Community Environment
  • HOWL Program (Promotes positive behavior and character)
  • Academic Competitions
  • Music, Art, Physical Education and Technology
  • Innovative Programs
  • Social Events
  • Parent Accessibility and Involvement Invited and Welcomed
  • Private Campus Atmosphere
  • Geographically Convenient – Most of our Families and Students live within 3-miles of our Campuses
  • Secure Campus
  • Foreign Language
  • Competitive Athletics Program

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